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This is a mostly faithful remaster of the original I Wanna Be The Guy by Kayin, trying to balance the spirit of the original game with the desire for consistent physics like the fangames that came after, and fixing some of the jank.

This was created using a modified version of Yuuutu, and has been prepatched with gm8x_fix (link). The source code has been included (GM 8.1).

→ New Features:

- Yuuutu physics
- Perfect quality re-recorded audio
- Cleaned up sprite scaling
- Controller support
- Button remapping
- Separate volume sliders
- Smooth 50FPS and Vsync option
- Fullscreen with crisp pixel filtering
- 200% scaling window mode for compatible displays
- 800x600 fullscreen mode for compatible displays
- Optional restarting music
- Reduced input lag and no background input
- Dipswitches to customize your experience
- Unlockable content

→ Removed features:

- Unintended crashing

We hope you enjoy this remaster!

Install instructions

1. Download the ZIP
2. Extract the ZIP to its own folder
3. Enjoy!


IWBTG Remastered.zip 39 MB


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It says the game was updated, what changed? Also will you be doing a remaster of IWBTG Gaiden in the future?

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Very small micropatches like a very rare bug with the bomb where it would clip through the floor if you did something unintentional and unhelpful. Nothing super important.

Also, Gaiden isn't really a full game yet (and probably wont ever be) so I don't think there's really too much of a reason to remaster it

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first on dowload this game :)  finally new game :D im happy  i love i wanna be the guy

edit: i cant play this game but

I get an error regarding the dimensions of characters or sprites, I don't know why and my screen turns black I think it's something from my computer I have a windows xp XD

Oh, sorry! You need at least 512mb of ram and 256mb of video ram to play the game...

oooh okey :( i wanna buy a new computer this computer (windows xp) is so old 

you do realize that there is a whole massive community of IWBTG games, right? like literally thousands of them. go to delicious-fruit.com or iwannawiki.com